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Topic: Give My Head Peace Info

Just to be aware, I got another Northern Irish TV show added. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be showing updated information.

It currently shows as ended or cancelled, however this inst the case. Season 13 has just started which contains 4 episodes. S13e01 has already aired. Episode 2 is on Friday 13th January 2020 with episode 3 the following week (20th)

Furthermore in the stream on section, this could be listed as BBC Iplayer which allows programs to be streamed for up to 30 days after its been aired on tv. (Standard for all BBC Iplayer content)

Not a big issue but thought id mention it all the same. Thanks

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Re: Give My Head Peace Info


Unfortunately neither thetvdb.com nor tvmaze.com are aware of these episodes.

In addition, thetvdb considers the show "ended" while tvmaze doesn't yet know what its status is.

I resurrected it (and set it continuing on thetvdb.com as well) and updated it and now it contains 1 episode from S13. Hopefully the rest will be added to thetvdb.com as well.

Also, I've set the network for this show to BBC iPlayer.