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Topic: The Handmaid's Tale



The Handmaid's Tale, based on the 1985 bestselling novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood, will debut its first season on Hulu in 2017. Moss will play Offred, a one of the caste of Handmaids who are forced into sexual servitude by the male-dominated Gilead totalitarian regime as a last desperate attempt to repopulate a devastated world.

CONFESSION TIME: I fast-forwarded past the flashback scenes and their filter-lit happy, smiley, good-times vibe as it reluctantly lifted me out of the glorious mire of palpably bleak misogyny and helpless hatred. I can score that bog-standard happy bollocks on any telly show, I'm just here to mainline the high-grade misery thank you very much.

Bitterly disappointed in S3 though.


The main screenhog handmaid was allowed FAR too much leeway with her insulting public displays of brazenly insubordinate language and her generally insolent comportment. WHERE was Aunt Lydia and her magisterial cattle prod to correct these glib displays of public insouciance? WHERE? ANSWER ME.

Re: The Handmaid's Tale

I've watched season 1. The show is a bit slow for my taste, but - so far - I couldn't stop watching! cool