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Topic: Show Episodes Not Showing - The Musketeers

Heya, just letting you know that a show is actually airing atm - The Musketeers - but this site isn't showing it as airing for some reason. The show is in Season 3 now.

It's currently airing in a few parts of the world but not others - info - Greece (OTE), Turkey (TLC), and Canada (Showcase).

There's no airdate info and doesn't show up on our schedules also - The Musketeers

Anyway, wonder what all the fuss is about and why Netflix and Hulu seem to be warring over this one hmm Bottom line is it is available currently. Sorry, gave it its own thread as this seems to be a complex issue given who is showing it and who is withholding the episodes atm.


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Re: Show Episodes Not Showing - The Musketeers

Wow.  I expected there to be a thread about The Musketeers but search did not pull up one.  I'm currently watching it on Prime and loving it. It reminds me a lot of Resurrection: Ertugrul (aka Dirilis: Ertugrul) without the sub-titles.  Really interesting program.  I only have a few episodes left been binging it quite a lot.

Re: Show Episodes Not Showing - The Musketeers

It's a 2014 show guys that finished airing in 2016 on the Showcase channel in Canada.