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Topic: 5x15

Hi santah,

this episode has aired and isn't listed on this site yikes
I bet it's a TV.COM bug. [edit] It's not. There it's listed correctly for 05/17/06[/edit]
Any chance to get a plausibility check on these lists. It's mostly pretty obvious if an episode is missing or wrong listed wink



Re: 5x15

it WAS a tv.com's bug. They updated it before the next-episode.net update cycle (which is once a day) smile sorry 'bout that, but these errors cannot be avoided sad



Re: 5x15

No problem, I just was a bit shocked, because I totally missed it yesterday and today - when I randomly checked mininova - I saw this episode...

Any thoughts about plausibility check to avoid these errors? As you said, tv.com will do more of these errors, but you don't have to follow! wink