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Drama about an unlikely trio traveling through time to battle unknown criminals in order to protect history as we know it.


I'm a bit late to the party, as the show is already canceled but i watched a few episodes of Timeless some years ago and liked it but because of many other shows i was watching at the time i sidelined it and never got back to it.

Now that it is on Netflix i took another look and what can i say, i really enjoy it. Even tho the first season has 16 episodes, it never felt boring and they had good ideas to keep it going. I started season 2 now and sadly, that's the last season sad

I wish Netflix would bring it back but...



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I've stumbled upon this show before, I'll add it as a "maybe" show now. smile

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lighton wrote:

I've stumbled upon this show before, I'll add it as a "maybe" show now. smile

Yep give it a go when you can, it's also by the same guy who made "Supernatural" and "The Boys", so the talent is there but of course the show is a bit different/different genre compared to his other shows.



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First season was awesome, then they got cancelled and renewed and the second season was a bit forced. And after that the movie tied the ends together but it could've been much better if them bossmen would just trust more.

Too bad that Kripke creates good shows that TPTB can't understand.

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

Daemons are benevolent or benign nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and gods, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature or the gods themselves.


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Yeah, I really enjoyed it. I'm glad they got to finish it up but it did feel a little rushed, it deserved a lot more airtime than it got.

Definitely worth a watch if you like the genre.


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There is also a movie that kind of ties everything together


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A movie? Are there any more details, please? A link, perhaps?


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It's the last 2 episodes of season 2 called the miracle of Christmas parts 1 & 2.

you've probably seen them/it already


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Ahhh, yes. Thank you. I'm glad I haven't missed anything!

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Just watched 2x10 and thought that


this would have been a bit harsh to end the show this way but in the last 10 seconds they actually pulled it off and could have indeed ended this way

but im not complaining that they uncanceled it and made a final movie aswell.