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Now THAT was a cool episode...
One of the Best EVER. EXCELLENT !

Why would someone want to cancel the BEST Sci-Fi show around ?
I don´t get it...


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It was kind of like Stargate meets Flowers for Algernon, only in reverse. 

Excellent episode, and the usual wonderful performance from David Hewlett.  It was so heartbreaking to see Rodney struggling with his memory like that.

Man I'm really gonna miss this show once it's gone. *sniff*


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Flowers for Algernon is a good comparison. The end is sadder in the short story though.


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ehhh, why can't every episode be half as good as this one?
It kinda made me think of crying - and for a show like atlantis it's a BIG complement.




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Yes, Rodney made a fine retard big_smile


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So typical they hit us with an excellent episode like this just after we have learned that they've cancelled it! I am so gonna miss McKay! What do you think, will the show end with Jennifer hooking up?


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Re: Stargate.Atlantis.S05E06 (spoilers)

I think there's a good chance of them trying, but i don't think it'll work out. tongue Rodney's just too.. Rodney. Awesome episode, though.


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Wait...wasn't Ronon doing something with the doc?


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They had one kiss, once, during the episode Quarantine in the fourth season.


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Ah, the bad porn movie plot episode big_smile

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Re: Stargate.Atlantis.S05E06 (spoilers)

I DON'T hate Teyla but what was with the silly outfit?

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Re: Stargate.Atlantis.S05E06 (spoilers)

I don't understand what some of you are excited about. This show is getting less and less about sci-fi and using the Stargate. E06 was OK, but nothing more. And as usual you can't expect a cliffhanger from a SG:A episode. wink