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Topic: Very Last Episode

I havent followed the last  seasons as it was getting  boring. I thought though to see the very last episode ( apart from the Crisis Crossover ) and it was a real puke fest, maudlin and dripping with tears. I thought that the crossover was bad enough  in allowing Oliver to die  twice  but this very last eps was the worst.

+ show spoiler

The bad news is that he aint really dead, he some how is  in the hearafter with Felicity for the rest of eternity ( I feel sorry for her) The only good news is she was told she couldnt come back so maybe he cant also

RIP Oliver Queen ( I hope,

+ show spoiler

die die die for goodness sake


ps  I am doing you a favour by not putting in all the spoiler  quotes as now you dont need to watch it

Re: Very Last Episode

Really emotional... 8 years comes to an end