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And did they swap actor for avasaralas husband?


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I have now seen all 10 eps of season 4. well I was hoping for more 


alienness that we got, only got it near the start with the swarm and at the end. Sad to see the old geezer get spaced  though.

Drama   though  top  quality.

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I love that the books and the show are just different enough to appreciate both. They aren't so different to the extent where it ruins them, but it's different enough to make you smile at points where you recognize the differences. The books give much more insight into the politics, the minds of Holden and Miller, and they enrich the world-building experience to intoxicating levels. The show works really well as a standalone for the non-book readers and conveys the key points without needing to resort to endless exposition. The books have a clear advantage in pacing, and it's more coherent in that regard. The TV series, on the other hand, does a superb job creatively compressing the source material. Top-notch storytelling in both respects!

Cibola Burn was always meant to be a western first and foremost (even in the books), and basically takes place on one single planet, Ilus IV. So, what the showrunners decided to do was include elements from Book 5 Nemesis Games (as well as Bobbie's "Gods of Risk" plotline) to help set up the board pieces nicely for season five. Many fans consider Cibola Burn the worst book of the series. "Worst" is a more negative way of describing it than I would like. It is the most different; the least Expanse book in The Expanse series. It's missing some of the things we grew to love about the series. If this were a complete standalone novel about colonists encountering a hostile world combined with dealing with each other's political belief systems, we would all be raving about it. It's a good book on its own, Elvi's arc notwithstanding. It's sort of like a longer novella placed between Abaddon's Gate and Nemesis Games. The events feel small-scale but do have significant repercussions setting up the human and alien storyline of future books.

The fact that the showrunners did such an excellent job with the source material gives them a lot of credit in my book. Given Book 5 is considered one of the best, I'm sooo looking forward to next season.

Here are some things that I liked and didn't like about this season...

  • I love the fact that none of the three factions have a monopoly on being the good guys in this show.

  • I thought the Marco Inaros and Mars subplots were handled like a licensed massage therapist.

  • The Belters' accents were more profound this season. I really appreciated that; always envisioned myself as a Belter in the Expanseverse. wink

  • As complex as the protomolecule has always been depicted (a set of free-floating instructions designed to adapt to and guide other replicating systems), you have to love how it's also the Expanseverse version of Occam's razor.

  • Murtry was portrayed perfectly down to the letter as he is in the books. He was essentially a racist company mercenary with an ego trip that lost both personnel and face with his shenanigans. I thought the casting was perfect. Burn Gorman always kicks it in the nuts with whatever role he's given.

  • The Ashford and Drummer amalgam are both much better in the television series than in the books. Cara Gee is a goddess.

  • Bull has always been a fan favorite from that book. So, once I learned that he would be M.I.A. this season, I wanted to flip tables over; however, moving his parts to Drummer and Ashford, and fleshing them out worked amazingly. For non-book readers: Bull was essentially the best parts of Drummer and Ashford combined. An absolute stud in the books.

  • Bobbie definitely was feeling abandoned by Mars in the books as well - I don't think she would resort to theft IMHO, no matter how noble the end goals are or how minimal the consequences would be. I'll reserve judgment for now, in case there are some enlightening developments early in season five.

  • Avasarala is one of my favorite characters in the series, and Shohreh Aghdashloo does a fantastic job throughout the show, but the writing didn't leave her a lot to work with this season. I listened to a podcast not too long ago with Burn Gorman & Ty Franck, and Ty basically said Avasarala is a great number three in command, but a terrible figurehead, and that's what they wanted to show this season. "She's facing a lot of different things that she has to do, and she's entrenched in her ways, which leads to her downfall as a leader."

  • The first actor (Brian George) in S1 was perfect and close to how I imagined him from the books. The new casting choice for Arjun was so far off the mark IMO to the point where they completely rewrote his personality traits lols. However, I feel we got just enough of the new Arjun (still felt flat and inorganic) to help move the board pieces, as intended by the writers. The split with Avasarala in the end basically sets up events to come in season five.

  • Besides the recasting and tonal change for Arjun, I was also bothered by the two "campaign advisors" who did nothing but stood in place like two figurines in a storefront window spouting political clichés. I did like that they made Gao a reasonable rival instead of a villain, though.

  • Excellent casting choice for Inaros, but on a side note, I always cherished the idea of Kate Mulgrew as Anna; however, Elizabeth does a great job playing the role (I'm a huge fan of LOST). Don't mind me; Anna had nothing to do with S4. tongue

  • The entire Ashford arc this season was captivating, all on its own. It basically showed us how he was adapting to becoming a figurehead, as well as a political ambassador, for the good of the Belt, which is a different Belt than the one he grew up fighting with. Inaros doesn't agree with that Belt, which is understandable for a radical who's not at the forefront of change. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The downfall of Ashford was inevitable since he's rightfully driving a politically sensitive organization that has evolved from being an organization of freedom fighters.

    Ashford's end was tragic and realistic, and he knew that Ashford before the Ring would have killed Inaros on the spot, no questions asked and moved on, which made it even more heartbreaking. He knew while being spaced that this was the only way it could've gone down. Ultimately, Ashford gave his life for his cause. He was a true patriot in every sense.

    The third season had already added more layers to Ashford than he displayed in the books, and S4 further evolves Ashford into something that the source material doesn't, thanks to a compelling and tragic redemption arc. Moreover, the fact that Ashford's role in the books has already played out by this point in the story essentially means that his on-screen death is unlikely to cause any narrative conflicts.

  • The aspect ratio change on Ilus was a special treat. smile

I want to take this time to say thanks to the production company, Alcon Television. Before Syfy's departure, people like myself were continually backing Alcon and their ownership of the show. Anytime someone hinted at the possibility of Syfy canceling, we were quick to point out that they would simply stop distributing and that Alcon would find another suitor. This ultimately proved correct as Alcon made a deal with Amazon to keep the show going. They were the perfect stewards of this incredible world.

Now that this has proven to be a successful partnership, it's easy to forget that Alcon is the company that brought us the show in the first place. Amazon deserves our praise and thanks, but let's not forget about the fine folks over at Alcon for making our show a reality. For me, the holiday cheer fell on two additional days this year - July 27th (S5 announcement), and December 13th (S4 premiere).


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Ok, finished season 4. I've enjoyed every episode but somehow a bit less than previous seasons. Can't really put my finger on it... maybe the full season drop vs. weekly anticipation (in the past) played a role too?

I was a bit disappointed by some of the zero gravity scenes (implausible movements of people), weren't those done more convincing in previous seasons?

The alien artifacts were awesome, both their scope and the details.

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Its done a Lost in Space Season 1?

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I was just recently inducted into the Cult of Screaming Warhawks and I freakin' love this show... my only complaint is there needs to be more BOBBIE!