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Is it really 13 episodes this first season (as indicate on the entry for this show here on Next Episode).  I was searching and found 9 or 10 episodes listed, depending on the search result.


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Well Episode 10 airs tonight.  And whilst watching Chicago Med, I saw a promo at the bottom of the screen for it that said 9-1-1 Season Finale Wed Night. I was watching on the network GLOBAL.  So I guess it is only 10 episodes, not 13.


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But i just saw that is has been renewed for a season 2 in 2018 its good show also Station 19 is good as well.


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Yes, I've seen the first 6 episodes.  It is good and I am enjoying it.  But still Season 1 is actually just 10 Episodes.  They should update the description on this site which says 13 episodes.


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Finished Season One and I really liked it.  Although there are some minor issues that don't seem to reflect real life.  Like the final episode, Hen & Chimney continuing their conversation about Hen's personal life whilst working with a victim.   When this type of discussion is going on between Sophie & Gabriella on Chicago Fire, they put their convo on hold while they are on the scene. But not so bad they can't be overlooked.

So Season One did wind up being 10 episodes, we know that now.  Despite doing several online searches, I cannot find out how many episodes Season Two is slated to be.  If someone does find this out, can you please pass along this info?


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so i seen the 1st 2 episodes when they were out at the time. it didnt grab be / didnt liked it. i see a lot of people talking about it these days, does it improve/changes or if i didnt like the pilot and ep2, i wont like the rest either?

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Pedropt, I thought it was pretty good and really enjoyed the series.  Storing up the current season to binge when this season has finished airing.


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QuiGonJohn wrote:

Storing up the current season to binge when this season has finished airing.

Since you enjoyed the first two seasons, I have zero doubts you will enjoy this current third season. IMHO, (ten episodes in) it's by far the best season so far, with some compelling backstories you will undoubtedly appreciate. One of my favorite series' over the past couple of years. I also plan on checking out the spin-off series 9-1-1: Lone Star.