Topic: Daybreak [Action, Adventure, Drama - and zombies!]
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Daybreak finds 17-year-old high school outcast Josh searching for his missing girlfriend Sam in post-apocalyptic Glendale, California. Joined by a ragtag group of misfits including a pyromaniac 12-year-old Angelica and Josh's former high school bully Wesley, now turned pacifist samurai, Josh tries to stay alive amongst the horde of Mad Max-style gangs (evil jocks, cheerleaders turned Amazon warriors), zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies, and everything else this brave new world throws at him.

1x1 was fun! smile Probably the least scary but most funny zombie show out there! big_smile The special effects were a bit lazy in one small scene, but I totally enjoyed the acting and post-apocalypse settings. The main character breaking the fourth wall at times added to the fun, and - along with the younger girl who seems to become a main character - reminded me of Zombieland (2009).

The show currently has a 6.1 IMDb rating. My temporary rating: 8/10. Check it out! smile

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