Topic: Premium payment per month

If this topic exists somewhere else i'm sorry mods, please delete mine, but if not then let me get down to the question.

Will monthly payment option come back? i know when the premium became a thing there was a monthly & yearly option i just checked today as i considered getting premium for 2$ a month but the only option to select is free 30 days trial which takes you to the payment page where the plan is only for 20$ straight up pay for a year after 30 days free trial expires, now to most 20$ is meh and it is a payment for a full year, however for some like me 2$ a month is alright but paying 20$ all at once is not so much alright sadly.

So if possible bring us back both option monthly & yearly plan ^^

Re: Premium payment per month

Apologies, but it will not be coming back, for now.

I hope you'll give the trial a go!