Topic: Improve "Discover Other Great Shows"

I like this feature of the main page, but IMHO it too often just shows the same shows again and again.

How about having shows that air in the current week or even on the current day influence what's shown there? Maybe ranked by user ratings and/ or by number of Watchlists the show is in?

This great site has so much information, it would be perfect to use it to improve discovery!

Re: Improve "Discover Other Great Shows"

So currently, we have Hot, Upcoming, Trending and Top Rated tabs in there.

You're kinda suggesting adding a new tab, say - Pick of the week or Fresh?

I like that.

I'll play with that idea and see what happens and what kind of data will be useful (in terms of offering good shows), but will also offer more variety on at least a weekly basis.

Re: Improve "Discover Other Great Shows"

"Fresh" sounds good smile And I'd like to be able to set that new tab as my default (always seeing it instead of "Hot").

Re: Improve "Discover Other Great Shows"


"Fresh" now is an option. Let's discuss it in the news thread here: