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John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81

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Burt Reynolds, "Smokey and the Bandit" star, dead at 82.

...where did I put that rat's ass I could give?

Daemons are benevolent or benign nature spirits, beings of the same nature as both mortals and gods, similar to ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature or the gods themselves.

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RIP sad

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HomerS wrote:

RIP sad

RIP my ass.  Go find a Trans-Am and make the Devil scream for mercy, Burt.

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C'mon people, Mr. Burt ain't dead, He's everywhere! smile


(SCULLY'S apartment. She is just putting WILLIAM down in his cot, stroking his cheek. WILLIAM looks content, and SCULLY smiles at him. She turns off the light and walks out of his bedroom, pulling the door half closed. She goes into her room. She's in her silk pajamas and climbs under her duvet. She turns off her bedside light and settles down. She lies awake, it seems there is something on her mind. She gets up again and picks up the phone.)

(The phone rings in REYES' bedroom. Her alarm clock shows the time as 9:09. REYES' picks up. The screen splits in half.)

REYES: (into phone) Hello?

SCULLY: (into phone) All right. I need to know.

REYES: (into phone) What?

SCULLY: (into phone) What my numerology is. My number. Whatever you call it. What am I?

REYES: (into phone) You're a nine.

SCULLY: (into phone) Which means what?

REYES: (into phone) Nine is completion. You've evolved through the experiences of all the other numbers to a spiritual realization that this life is only part of a larger whole.

(SCULLY is silent, and looks happy at what she's hearing.)

REYES: Dana, are you there?

SCULLY: (into phone) There's something else that's buggin' me.

REYES: (into phone) What's that?

SCULLY: (into phone) Who was that man?

REYES: (into phone) God knows.

--The X-Files S09E13 "Improbable"

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Stan Lee left us today :'(

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{holds up a fist} Excelsior...

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No more crappy cameos.  I really hated them, ruins the film.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".

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I hope Marvel keeps putting him in the movies/series even if it is as CGI.

scorpius074 wrote:

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Luke Perry, "Beverly Hills, 90210" star, dies at 52