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Topic: "Watch next" list

I would really like the ability to have my Episodes list filtered by the shows I'm currently watching (or want to start watching). I have a ton of shows in my list that I want to someday catch up on and don't want to forget about, but I have trouble deciding what show to start next because the ones that interest me the most don't stand out in any way.

Could entire shows in the Episodes list possibly have an overall user-set state like "Not started", "Watch next", "Watching" (or "Started"), "On Hold" (or "Taking a Break"), and "Completed" or something along those lines? Then there could be a filter on the Episodes page to filter by that state if desired, and each show could have a Select field showing the current state and allowing a new state to be set, or something.

It seems like this would allow uers such as myself to not have to resort to separate list-making applications to track what shows they want to start next or are currently watching, or to remember shows they aren't currently watching but want to get back to.

Alternate (or maybe additional) idea

Alternately, a different way to handle this suggestion would be to add a new section to the site and app, called Lists or Collections or something. And it would just be a collection of user-created lists of shows and/or movies.

You could go to each show or movie's page and add it to a collection (or create a new collection) via a link or something there, or you could search for a movie/show just like on the other pages of the site to add it to the current list page you're on. I'm not sure how the site is built on the backend, if it would be possible to have lists that have both shows and movies together, or if each list would be for a certain type of media, but either way would be fine with me.

This would be a pretty flexible feature, especially if you someday allowed making each list public or private and the ability to share public lists easily. It could be used by the community to create themed or curated lists of content for others.

Thanks for your consideration!

Re: "Watch next" list

You can already do that!

In the Episodes page: https://next-episode.net/track

Set a tag (the [set tag] link under each show name) for each show (Not started, Watch next, Watching etc) and then filter the page through these tags.

Check it out and let me know.


Re: "Watch next" list

Oh wow, I completely missed that functionality! I'll check it out today, thanks very much for the heads up!

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Re: "Watch next" list

It works just fine for me. Thanks again for pointing that out!