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Based on the third novel in the Jumper series by Steven Gould, "Impulse" features a rebellious 16-year-old girl who has always felt different from her peers and has longed to escape from her seemingly quaint small town. When a local drug dealer attempts to assault her, she discovers she has the extraordinary ability to teleport. This newfound power confirms her conviction that she really was different from everybody else, but it now makes her the focus of those who want to control her.

Impulse N-E

i was hooked instantly, Youtube really picked a dam good show, at first this might feel shitty teen drama but it really isnt. Acting and the plot is very good, cgi quite well done too and the characters are interesting. i was so happy i was able to binge watch this and so pissed of that it ended too soon big_smile Season ends in a really interesting cliffhanger and season 2 will prolly be even better than first.

very good show, forget the shitty marvel shows, this actually delivers unlike cloak and dagger...

Oh and first 3 Episodes are free to watch in youtube, for the rest you need to buy youtube premium.

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Yeah, it was good, just a bit too much drama for my taste.

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Yeah the drama queen stuff was a bit much but overall it kept you coming back to a well done series.