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For example, 3 types for "Watching", "Going to Watch" and "Stopped watching".

Now there are 2 types of "Watch" and "Stop Tracking".
But there is only "Going to watch" missing.

Thank you for your understanding!

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Thanks for your suggestion.


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Thanks again!
It's the easiest thing. see below picture. But you depend.

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I think mobile app would gain, if there also would be show ratings in My Shows on other sections where there are shows lists and the function to rate show from the single show page.

By now here you already can have an educated guess, that show with the rating bellow approx. 4.2 most likely is a waste of time, so it becomes a valuable feature.

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Yeah, the ratings will be coming in the next big app update.

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There is one annoying thing on Android, when used on tablet. Portrait screen rotation is possible just in one way. If in portrait you rotate tablet upside down, app does not rotate.

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thanks, I'll keep that in mind!