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I want t pay for Premium, but currently PayPal is forcing me to create an account to do so, which I really don't want (because they spam you with email forever). Any way to change that?

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How are they spamming your email? You can set your email preferences not to receive mail from them?

Anyway, unfortunately, there is no way to subscribe to Premium Membership without a PayPal account.

You can, however, purchase the Lifetime Premium without an account - just with credit card details ...


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Try Stripe

I have other PSPs (I'd have to look them up - the lowest rate I've found is 1.5%)

PM me if you want me to track the PSP down

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Unfortunately Stripe is not supported in all countries, including mine.

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tadhgk wrote:

because they spam you with email forever

Only if you are from Congo or alike, in Europe it's super illegal for them to spam you and they won't do it.

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Even if they should spam you: after you receive the premium receipt, you can create an email filter to only see related paypal mails in the future.