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Not likely for now:(

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monkgway wrote:
santah wrote:

you have it already? you can add as many torrent search engines as you want

hmm, how?

i see there only update search engine link:

another small feature would be nice - link to somewhere in

Sorry, for some reason I miseed this was a next-flick thread.

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I've been thinking a lot that I need a next-episode but then for movies, somehow I finally remembered we did have something but I wonder is it still supported and being developed?

I would really  like to see pictures of the actors/actresses when Im searching because some of them have the same name. Same when searching movies. Is this possible?

Also I personally dont like the layout of this site (I do like the layout of next-episode) hmm is this still under development? If yes I will add some suggestions for that too smile

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unfortunately, I don't have much spare time, and I haven't developed anything new for/on next-flick sad

want to resurrect it's development, but dunno when is that gonna happen ...

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an addon/greasemonkey type script to add movies to next-flick while browsing pages...

i'm going to eat your brains and gain your memories...

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Re: features suggestions

It would be really awesome to have the concept of this site back as its own thing. i never got to next episodes before it was put offline. is it coming back?

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I'm afraid not, but you can use our movie tracking capabilities ...

What are you missing from it?