Topic: Should I get a PS4?

I currently have an Xbox One and haven't had a playstation since the PS2 but i'm considering getting a PS4, would it be worth it or should i just stick with the Xbox One?


Re: Should I get a PS4?

Get a Gaming PC instead, that way you don't need to pay for online gaming.

DRM "manages access" in the same way that Prison "manages freedom".


Re: Should I get a PS4?

You don't need 2 consoles imo


Re: Should I get a PS4?

Why do you want a PS4? I have one and play it a lot, but I bought mine because I prefer the controller and the exclusive titles to that of the Xbox One. If you want it for the exclusive titles, I would wait a bit for the PS4 to price drop more. If you don't want it for exclusive titles, why do you want it?