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Topic: Top Charts -> Top Rated sorting algorithm


In https://next-episode.net/hot/ when sorted by Top Rated, what is the sorting algorithm?

Right now seems that it can be improved - I see there in the 3rd place for a year Boruto: Naruto Next Generations with 4.54/5 (57 ratings), but Star Trek: Discovery with 4.24/5 (269 ratings) is in the 5th place.

Re: Top Charts -> Top Rated sorting algorithm

It's been sorted by:


I took the formula from how IMDb movies were sorted by rating, I think. Though it may've been some other big site.

It may need some tweaking and I'm always open to suggestions on how to improve it!

(minimum_rate_count is the minimum number of ratings a show must have for its rating to be weighted in by the algorithm)


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This is an interesting topic, when I'll have a time, will try different formulas on this data. I also need something similar for one of my sites. I think that IMDB math does not really work here, because they have large amount of votes. And their ratings also are off sometimes for some Hindi movies where just bunch of people from India gave high votes.

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Any suggestions for improvement are welcome smile