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No new posts since 2014? What's up with that?!

I guess I am shouting down an empty well, but wanted to share what I learned today, so I came here for the fist time.

Season 13 is official and starts in October 2017. One episode (don't know which one yet) will be animated, and Scooby Doo will guest star! Do not know if Scooby's friends will join or not. This is not a joke, and was confirmed by Entertainment Weekly Magazine.


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do love the show but how long can they spin it out

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Well they have a whole new universe to play with now, plus lucifers child so I don't see it ending anytime soon....which I'm happy about.

I still enjoy it.

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I just can't believe  what happened in the final two episodes I was totally gutted (no clue how to do spoiler tags so don't want to spoil anything)

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Who lives and who dies.
The smile at the end was very sinister too.

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Love the show..   Been watching it for 12 years..    Stays somewhat fresh.  Will hate to see it go, but it's probably time.   I hope the last season will be a good ending..  hopefully with some perspective on the afterlife (fact or fiction) and what the shows view of the future or end times, or more importantly, where you may or may not go after death.  Maybe take us to heaven.  Show us what it looks like. smile

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Just watched this seasons last episode. I promise, someday I'll have nightmares from about that frakking smile.

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