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Topic: Marking Episodes as Watched not working

some Android bugs:

I have marked some episodes from android app as watched but are keep showing as not watched on Android and webpage

for example

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
S01E07    [-] Love and Potato Chips! / 2017-05-17

Sakura Quest
S01E07    [-] The Mansion in Purgatory / 2017-05-18

Also if I mark them from the webpage that I have watched them. I still get a notification on Android that I have a pending shows to watch even though are marked as watched..

Re: Marking Episodes as Watched not working

The notification is not that you have pending shows to watch, but that new shows from your watchlist have aired new episodes. But yea, it doesn't take into account if you already marked something watched.

As for marking episodes watched - can you restart the app and try marking just one episode watched and then restart the app and see if it came back?