Topic: How do I delete my account?

How do I delete my account?

Re: How do I delete my account?

You are a pretty old user (2006?) why delete it?

And it'll automatically get deleted after some period of inactivity.

If you want to get your sensitive info out - simply change your email to something else.


Re: How do I delete my account?

Maybe he/she is having a problem with the "_1" after their username?  This post says they registered 2016.

Re: How do I delete my account?

Don't think they noticed the _1 in the forum before their first post smile

Re: How do I delete my account?

Why would you want to?

This is the best place to keep up with TV

If you torrent things you may be worried about the spying that's going on these days by lawyers

Personally I see no concern, if you torrent things use a safe source otherwise wait for TV

I mean, if you're USA this place gives you your watchlist for the evening

If you torrent then get into a private (these are increasingly hard to find and completely anonymous)

Don't use any public channel like Pirate Bay or KickAss

I can (but don't) provide invites to privates

If you still want access you can always look at a newsgroup feed - they're safe but you require a new set of skills to use them effectively

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Re: How do I delete my account?

I would like to delete my account as well. After 9 years my account is locked and i cant navigate on next-episode because you decided to ask my email information(which i already gave when i first registered). I know I can unlock it by retyping my email but because of the way you handled this email requesting by locking the account I had moved on to a different site almost a year ago and would like my account to be deleted.

Edit: Looks like I can put my email as and I will have a forum account with santah_test name rofl.

Re: How do I delete my account?

I handled it this way after first trying to gently notify the user about this and getting less then 10% to verify their email address (and type in a working, real email).

As you know, after being a user for 9 years - I personally don't care about users emails and don't spam them, ever, but users very much care about their accounts once they forget their password - it becomes my problem.

Now, all you needed to to was to click the "verify" button that popped up for you and your account would've been "unlocked", but you decided to get pissed and bail out, and that's fine.

As you didn't mention the username, I'm not sure which account is yours so I'm not doing anything. You can easily get back into your account and use it if you want or not - you've already removed the sensitive part of your account which is the email address, so there is no real need to delete anything anymore.


P.S. Thanks for reporting the forum login issue. Investigating/fixing that now.