Topic: Show Episode Grouping.

Wondering if it was possible for a feature to group the series' in calendar view for shows that air multiple episodes to full seasons on the same day, Netflix or otherwise. E.G. Instead of listing every single episode 1- xx individually and potentially cluttering up the calendar view for users to have either an indicator of how many episodes of that particular show is airing. A dropdown menu if possible or to the right where the episode number is to have (x eps airing). If this is already possible and i'm missing it sorry

Re: Show Episode Grouping.

In order to reduce clutter in calendar view as you say I believe the drop down menu and the single listing option would both be great ideas. The drop down menu idea is cool as it would list all the episodes for that particular season. I like the single listing option too because as you said, you can place the number of episodes to the right where the episode number is. You can even make it a hyperlink that will direct you to that particular shows episode guide and summary page. For example - 13 Episodes

You can even lessen the naming scheme with 13 eps, or you can go with 1x1-13, using season one of Marvel's Luke Cage as an example.

I think this is a brilliant idea either way, and one of the few great ideas I've read on this forum over the past month or so. Filtering genres idea by pythonboot also happens to be another one of my favorites. smile