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Topic: Incorporated (SyFy)


Incorporated is an espionage thriller set in a dystopian future where companies have unlimited power. Sean Teale (Reign) stars as Ben Larson, a rising star in a mega-corporation called Chrysalis who is determined to climb the rickety, bloodstained ladder of success in order to find and rescue the woman he loves - and will tromp on anyone who gets in his way.


A new Syfy show produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and the pilot was not bad at all. Let's see where this is going.


Re: Incorporated (SyFy)

I'm on board that's for sure!! Some (well most) people are even calling it an unofficial prequel to Continuum (Ian Tracey's involvement could complicate things), or for better purposes a view from the other side of Continuum that we haven't seen yet... With the obvious side order of Gattaca, and a splash of Rollerball to go. tongue


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can't make it through first episode but i will try because i think there is chance it get's better