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First I really wasn't sure about asking my question in this forum but then I thought ok, nothing to lose, let's try big_smile  My problem is that I want to capture some playlists and audio books from spotify and save in mp3-format on my usb drive. Oh, and the problem: I don't know how to and if it's legal big_smile ? Would be great if someone can help me, really I'm dying every day a little more when driving to work (almost 2 hours) and can't listen to music (my radio's broke, and only thing working is the usb drive). THANK YOU

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Re: Spotify to mp3

Can't you just download the music as a torrent and put them onto a USB stick?

Not legal of course... and it's not something I've personally done *ahem*.

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Quote from Spotify website:

For: Premium subscribers

Take your music everywhere you go. With Spotify Premium, you can download music to the app so it’s available to play even without an internet connection.

You can have up to 3,333 songs available for offline listening, on a maximum of 3 different devices.

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Re: Spotify to mp3

If you use a audio recorder, it will capture whatever you are playing. Takes some time to go through all of course, but its a last resort if you can't find the mp3 files anywhere else(or will not cache from your premium Spotify service)

Something like … orfree.php

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Re: Spotify to mp3

I would also recommend audio recording. It's a legal gray area so therefore better than torrents. I've been using tunebite premium for this purpose, it's a 3rd party software. The usability is really good and you have options to record from any site or streaming service you want and it records in double speed. Works perfect without loss of quality and converting into mp3 is also asolutely no problem. [link removed by santah - I'll allow links from you once you don't look like a spammer who registered only to post those links]