Topic: Wrong Time Zone

The whole site looks like it's in EDT to me, but I'm in PDT. The showtime. The countdown to next show. Changing the Time Zone does nothing. (I currently have it set to GMT - 7:00 America, Los Angeles) I have the same problem with the app. It treats me like I'm in EDT and sends out notifications 3 hours early.

I've also checked the box "Do Not Use Local Timezone", but the only thing I've seen that do is correct the times of shows on the Calendar view on the site (shows 8:00pm instead of 7:00pm) . If the box isn't checked, all the shows have a time of 1 hour earlier on the calendar.

Any ideas?

Re: Wrong Time Zone

Thanks for reporting this!

Regarding the notifications - they're sent in the original airing time of the show and cannot be (artificially) offset by 3 hours like the rest of the schedule for Pacific Timezone, for now.

As for the website - can you please let me know specifically on which page the hour is not adjusted properly for Pacific? (when the "Use local timezone" is turned ON).

With a screenshot would be best!