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Topic: Eurovision

The Eurovision contest is this year in Denmark and i know ESC isn't very popular on N-E, but in case there is a song entry of a country you like, you can maybe post a link to it, so more people can hear it.

Even tho she has no chance tomorrow at the german preselection for the Eurovision against



Juno or

The Baseballs,

i still like her song.

MarieMarie - Cotton Candy Hurricane


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Run and hide, yep it's this time of the year again smile

Anyway this guy won in the national selection for germany but refused his win and forfeits, smart move.

Andreas Kümmert - Heart of Stone


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Daniel Kajmakoski - Lisja Esenski



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Polish entry sucks balls, but the singer is in a wheelchair so she will probably be on a podium. hmm


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Atleast your singer diden't quit wink


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Congrats to Sweden, even tho the song was inspired by Lovers on the sun by David Guetta, it was great and an excellent
stage show.



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We are the winners
of Eurovision

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So we were a bit drunk when we were watching it (hard to enjoy this show sober smile)

What do I remember?

I was laughing when I heard the Hungarian song, man it was tacky big_smile ( http://www.eurovision.tv/event/lyrics?e … song=32893 ), when the Estonian votes got cut off "Look at us we are the kick-ass IT nation, and votes go to *blank screen and awkward faces*" and finally when Lithuania gave no points to Russia.
The Lithuanian female singer was ridiculously attractive. I really sucked at predicting how countries vote. Balkans seem to be doing the most neighbor voting. Out of the 7 that got directly to the finals 4 of them filled last 4 places (I actually liked 2 of those songs) 2 even finished on 0 points. 27 songs is too much, I didn't care for the Italian song, probably because we ran out of wine by then and had been waiting for the votes for too long.

Anyway my favorites were: Slovenia, France, Germany, Latvia, Sweden.

No idea why France and Germany performed so poorly votes-wise, Sweden had a good song.... until the refrain started, half a good song is still good by Eurovision standards big_smile.

Kind of hoping that Russia would have won, all the political drama would have been HILARIOUS. Or Australia winning, almost as funny smile.

Ahh it was rather fun making fun of this show. Until next year!

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Guess what it's back muahahaa smile

So instead of a nice political song

Alex Diehl - Nur ein Lied

germany chose an anime girl song but oh well, there were worse songs in the pre selection, so we'll see.

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz - Ghost


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Norway Agnete Icebreaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYnfLY0h8vY

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kinda like it...

the NOR show...landslide NOR votes...or what you call it


her writing the lyrics and the melody herself helps A LOT imho smile

also....she got kinda known already as a 14yr old when she as a vocalist inThe BlackSheeps participated and won the NOR and Nordic version of  "MGP junior" (Eurovision for juniours) in 2008. The song "Oro Jaska Beana" was a pretty big hit at the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBEZco1HwdQ  newer version of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW4OhSYyRMc smile

Also...Im not sure of this (perhaps some NOR ppl can tune in) - but I think she has "sami native roots" and that both the songs mentioned above is somewhat rooted into the Sami culture.....

Edit: relistening to the Icebreaker song....I *REALLY* like the ...hmm...not what you call it but ...the "beat" changes....and sounds kinda "OFF beat almost as if theres something wrong in the melody" ... like it smile

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I only heard Icebreaker when they announced that it was is the "Super Final" (last four), and showed a couple of seconds of it. I immideately liked it and voted for it in the Super Final.

Agnete Kristin Johnsen is quite known in Norway for being on a couple of celebrity shows. She was the youngest winner of "Dancing with the Stars" and became number 2 in "Stjernekamp" (Starmatch) where singers have to sing a song in a different genre every saturday. So she is versitile as well as a good representative for her native Sami nation.


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Also not a bad entry from Armenia but let's see how well she can perform this live.

Iveta Mukuchyan - LoveWave