Re: Star Wars VII (2015)

HomerS wrote:

... a creepy/molesty vibe ...

That totally nails it. He would perfect in the role of a serial killer or child molester unsub on Criminal Minds.

Re: Star Wars VII (2015)

Anakin Skywalker was an awful character.

Kylo Ren is my new favourite villain. Strong acting performance and a great and exciting character with many layers. I loved the movie and I thought that Kylo Ren was the best thing about it. His anger and emotions, trying to do what he feels his right, following the dark side and its teachings. Excellent writing but it really needed a super strong acting job to be able to work and that is what we were given.

Re: Star Wars VII (2015)

Yep, at the end of the movie Snoke (okay, what the fuck is with that name?) says that Kylo will finish his training. And throughout the movie he's incredibely conflicted. The thing about "being torn" wasn't just a bit, he knew that he's not fully into the Dark Side. We didn't get a strong Sith out of the get go (like Maul), but an origin story (like Anakin, only a bilion times better).

But hey, I guess it's apples and oranges, right?