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Good Lord 1x16 was brutal to watch. I sat through all of Spartacus, Da Vinci's Demons and Game of Thrones. The abuse this guy was subjected to disturbed me the most I think. Was actually hard to make it through the episode.  Kudos to the showmakers to make me feel truly uncomfortable.

I love that TV shows are able to explore such new ground with realism/violence, but dayum! I couldn't help but chuckle about


the massive outrage about Sansa getting raped in GoT (which was indeed terrible)

, but is ridiculous child's play compared to poor Mr. Fraser. Ramsay Bolton has a serious contender when it comes to Captain Jack Randall.


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yeah I fast forwarded through most of the episode...


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Soooo hard to watch.  Sooooo hard.

2020.  Meh.


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From another thread:

vapdne wrote:

I am assuming, possibly very wrongly, that most forum users are men and this isn't a 'mans' show.

But I love it! Have done since the first ep. I've no idea of the source material, just basing this on the show itself.

Yes it's a romantic drama but it somehow ticks my boxes. I am a lover of history and whilst I'm sure you wouldn't find this on a list of historically accurate drama it does very well on the whole.

Can't fault the acting, the dialogue is great and the production values excellent. Recommended!


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Sorry I missed the existing thread!

My main problem atm is it does not have a definitive end. I know the novels must have an end point, I've not read them, but I rather loath stuff that keeps going until it gets cancelled. I love shows that have a point where it ends. Not sure if this is gonna be one of them.

The Leftovers is a classic example for me.

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