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The team is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
The movie was great as expected, it's launching in the US this weekend. The first movie opened around $207milion.
I'm curious how this one will do.

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I saw it on Saturday.  I enjoyed it, lots going on right from the start, but I much preferred the first Avengers movie if I'm being honest.

This one isn't as Whedonesque as I'd hoped for.  Almost, but not quite, It's missing...  something.

A rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle...

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I agree Greylags.... while it was a good movie, something was just a bit off. I cant quite put my finger on what it was though.

I think I'm just comparing it to Winter Solider which was awesome, which is also a little unfair. My expectations for WS were much lower than AoU.

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I loved it. Good amount of humour and James Spader as Ultron was just epic. Decent post credits scene too.
Phase 2 is almost finished.

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Saw it on IMAX last night. I thought it was rad. I was sufficiently immersed and along for the ride.

There's that saying that goes "expectation is the root of all heartache" (most think it's Shakespeare, it's not). Apt.

Prior to seeing the movie I'd watched a segment of a trailer and that's it. The hedonic adaptation struggle is real. Aware of this fact, we can author our own subjective experiences.

TL;DR, I had fun. smile

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