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Good ending, but something puzzles me as I am watching the downloaded episode. Patrick Jane says what he always says at the end: "Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode". I thought this was the very end. Can someone who watched it "live" tell me if there was extra scenes?



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CBS was probably too lazy.



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They was just messin with us, but then they are always doing that.

Then again, they didn't kill any key characters off so there may be some future "specials", maybe even a movie.

Wait it minute, they didn't kill "Dexter" off early. And there was never any confirmation that Walter White was actually dead. Now there would be a challenge for the Mentalist....


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I liked the ending and I think the "Stay tuned for scenes from the next episode" was a homage to the shows run.
It leaves the show open to future possibilities

I'm happy with the nobody died ending smile


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Thank you for your answers. No, nobody died in the last episode, but I was sad when Agent Vega died just a few episodes ago. I guess they placed the "b-person dying" close to the end and not "a-person" at the end to make it better for us.

Then again, I loved that they brought Grace and Wayne back for the last episode. I hoped they would do it from the moment Jane proposed.

(Is she now Theresa Jane??? wink )


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I watched the show live. The reason that was at the end of the last episode (might have been) because they weren't sure if the show was getting renewed at that time so they packaged it to end either way. They didn't know if there would be more. Although, if they packaged the episode like that (for reruns/DVDs/etc) ... that's just lazy, I agree with what someone above said.

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