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Very well executed episode, on my top five list now!

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Yeah, best episode this season so far. I liked the opening scene. It looked like another song montage but I was pleasently surprised by the lack of music.

I have two minor gripes though. First is their hunt for Gemma. Jax should have known that tailing Nero would have been the best way to reach Gemma.

Second one is the scene where the police chased Jax. Well not the scene itself but the music they went with. I kept thinking to myself that this reminds me too much of Benny Hill show.

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Holy shit no music montage as an intro, imma cryin.

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That episode has gone into my top 3 got to say it  was brilliant

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lol @ the jazz music, what did the editor take? acid?

And come on now, it was way better than the rest of this shit season, but it's still a shitty season regardless.

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Finally got to see the ep. I thought it was great. Definitely not the best season of television out there, but I'm still diggin' on it.

Seeing dudes in MC cuts all badass and shit talking about how much they love each other. . . makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol

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Great episode... much better than the fillers they treated us with in the previous eps (fast forward key was my new best friend).

As for the car scene, the choice for the music to me was like a crazy tribute to Bullitt and other 70s movies with car chases in them. Didn't fill the overall style of this episode, but on its own it was a nice piece of television.