Topic: Again.

So. . . I just finished a re-watch that spanned several months. I chose to take it slower than many might choose to, just to savor it. Quite honestly, I'm a lightweight anyway when it comes to marathoning shows. Even more so now that I have responsibilities that I didn't have ~2 years ago.

It's a favorite. It really is. The middle bits got a bit dull in my opinion(seasons 3 and 4). I absolutely loved late season 5 and all of 6. Ending was good too. #bromance

To me, re-watching a good TV series/movie is akin to re-reading a good book. You pick up on certain things that you didn't notice before. See different meanings and interpretations as you grow and experience life for yourself. I loved picking up on the little nuggets of philosophy and raw life "stuff" for the lack of a better term. Over the past two or so years, I feel like I've grown so much as a human being. It was incredibly insightful seeing House, a character I can really relate to, ask similar and relevant questions.

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