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I loved this episode. I thought it was a nice setup for an untethered, downward spiral into chaos the rest of this season seems to be promising us

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I was on the verge of falling asleep. Sutter learned nothing from the last season's snail pacing and made an even LONGER episode.

Glad it's ending.

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Yeah, it wasn't a good season opener but it also wasn't the worst one.

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Well sure mid part of the episode was a bit dull but that ending made up for it. I have always thought that some rock classics are better left alone and Bohemian Rhapsody is surely one of them. Why cover perfection when there is no way of improving upon it? But damn that cover at the end actually worked. Surely not better than the original because that would be impossible, but it fit the scene perfectly. This is something Sutter is master of, combining music with his shows. Maybe he should be doing music videos instead? tongue

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"LOL okay here we go.

Jax is dumb as fucking rocks man. This nigga has no excuse for being such a fucking retard. Lets just start with the most obvious shit. Your moms tells you this goofy ass story about seeing some Chinese dude outside and what a coincidence he shows up and is chillin at your fucking party. A fucking Chinese BRO at that! Dude is all fratted out, I don’t believe him as a hood.

Motherfucka go to UCLA and smashes beer cans on his forehead while doing his chemistry and shit. So then this nigga Jax says, okay lets keep Chinese Bro gagged and not ask him any fucking questions about who gave the orders exactly, why they did it anything, Nah, nigga just decide to carve up some Chinese food because he maaaad. And even if Jax WAS that stupid, how in the fuck would Gemma know Jax wouldn’t question Chinese bro?

I mean, the second that gag comes off the truth is fucking coming out, that Chinese Bro was fucking a blonde cheerleader that night, he has pics, check his phone bro, he was totally shit faced at the Tri Lamda party. Jax would then get his mom, she would freak out, and Jax would kill her, we would all be rid of fucking loud mouthed in everybody shit Gemma and she could go back and do the Married With Children reunion like we all want. But nooooo Jax has to be dumber than a motherfucker.

CGI gangsta wheelchair adventures, first time for everything I guess.

And fucking Unser. Always shuffling along like a got damn sea otter on a hot ass beach. Why aint he dead shit? Didn’t he get cancer like 98393 years ago? And he always sniffing around suspecting all kinds of shit for no reason at all. And he sees the ORANGE JUICE and suspects JUICE IS THERE! HAHAHA GTFO sea otter man with your old man boobs and go watch Matlock. Scooby Doo mystery machine driving weirdo. The fuck you running around with these young people for. Fucking penguin feet walking old nervous perv.

Marilyn Manson can’t act for SHIT. Mike Tyson would have made a better white supremacist leader than Marilyn fucking Manson.

LMAO@ that bisexual pastor shit. I knew it was gonna be some gay shit too. But why that bitch waiting with a gun? She is fucking 3 weird ass gay pastors but got a gun under the pillow? Oh yea, more of that brilliant Sutter writing.

Sutter is like that 11 year old kid who wants a movie about dinosaurs strapped with jetpacks only replace the dinos and jetpacks with pervy situations and goofy death scenes.

Its hard to believe Juice has been hemmed up hiding for a fucking week. More brilliant writing. Catch a greyhound, motherfucker!

All in all this is going to make for a huge clusterfuck of a season with Gemma front and center every fucking step of the way. I don’t know who I even root for anymore, everyone is either stupid as fuck or putting their nose in shit it don’t belong, but got dammit if at the end of the day it aint all entertaining as hell. " … k_widower/

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lulz ^

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Orlando wrote:

LOL okay here we go... … k_widower/

I unfortunatly agree with most of it. I catched up most of season 6 in a few days and was happy to see Jax showing quite some intelligence and reflection and yet... this season opener happened and all of it went tits beyond the scope of a "need to unwind on something!".

Great disappointment as far as I'm concerned. It's the last season and I don't think it's a bad thing.

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funny but still entertaining, which is the selling point of any show.

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