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Gotta say it was underwhelming but then again the whole last session was a bit nothing. I still liked the characters but just not much happened....I mean, where did all the rabid vampires disappear too anyway after the initial attack on the town?

Farewell Sookie and gang....but I think I will miss Jason most of all.....he was hilarious


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What a terrible season and an even worse Series Finale!

Brothers! What we do in life...Echoes in Eternity!



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True Blood was one of the few vampire shows which felt to me more like a guy show than a girl show even tho there were plenty love/romance elements.

Cudos to that but the last couple of season lost a bit of its mojo and the last season was just meh.
The finale sorry to say was even cringeworthy.



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The whole season I just wanted it to end, it was that bad.

PS. I just saw a guy ride by on a bike with the most glorious mullet. I suddenly feel better about all of this.


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A mediocre finale, almost wish they would make one more short season just to get it right. Rămas bun TB, as your viewer I release you!

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