Topic: Character discussion: Marwyn (Spoilers etc I guess)

I've totally changed my mind about him recently. He's one of those guys who were introduced in the first book that I didn't really notice, and I used to think he was this evil mastermind who messed with people according to his secret plans. But, I mean, how evil can a person be who wrote a book called "The book of lost books"? He's clearly interested in actually finding out things instead of just repeating the official view of the Citadel that magic either doesn't exist or is bad.
What do you think he's up to? He's clearly up to something.
We know he traveled a lot. For example he taught Mirri Maz Duur (Dothraki mispronouncing "Maester"?) to "heal" people, which unfortunately she used to make Carl Drogo into an undead Drogo, unDrogo, and he approved of Qyburns experiments that got him expelled from the CItadel, interestingly, experiments about how to "heal" people back from death. And in the middle we have Marwyn. Marwyn the mage. Archmaester Marwyn of the Citadel.
Speculation: The Maesters were (historically) at least partly responsible for the death of dragons and end of magic, and are yet again conspiring to end magic. Marwyn is a true scientist, he's on his way to Dany to learn more, he's not a bad guy, just curious.
What do you think? Possible? Plausible?