Topic: 7x09 - Faith, Hope, Love

Hmm - that episode was weird. All the waiting and flash backs seemed odd compared to the fast paced and hilarious 7x08.

I wonder why this episode was made. It doesn't wrap up anything and gives almost no new insight to anything we didn't already know or expect.

Weird neutral



Re: 7x09 - Faith, Hope, Love

Just a filler episode I expect.


Re: 7x09 - Faith, Hope, Love

Sadly I think it just setting us up for hank to "change", realise the error of his ways and that he wants to be with Karen, ditch Graham's character and be a respectable husband. The accident will also probably make Becka come home from her holiday or whatever it is.

I say dump Karen, that relationship is completely toxic and co-dependant and hook up with Heather Graham. I'm going to be really disappointed if the outcome of 7 years of this show is he just ends up with Karen.