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Well, I guess an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization (that's canon).

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thanks for ruining my weekend... my top 3 show cancelled.

man.... why... shit... man...

MAN... why?

meh... lets see what the pushback is first!

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I lost 5 shows today

-Tomorrow People
-Star Crossed
-The Carrie Diaries

The only good thing which comes from this is that i have more time for other shows sad

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Well i think it was time to end it now. They had run out of steam and ideas anyway. That actually goes for several shows cancelled this spring. I think it is good, we need new fresh shows.

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I think the last season was all over the place and nowhere near as funny or clever as it used to be.  I'll miss it, but I think it died a couple of seasons back if I'm honest.

A rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle...