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Here is Ep 16

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Yeah there seems to be released a DVDscr version every week now.

I rather wait for the original HDTV version. Without watermark, property banner and (hopefully) proper ripped...


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Same....also gives me the option of watching the hi-def one; they're never released early hmm

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After watching this special recap episode in HDTV I was pretty amazed to see see these people in there 'other' life before they went to jail.
It showed me once again that their acting is great and this show has much more to tell.

I was also very surprised that the VP was Phlox big_smile

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Is that Phlox, cool!

Anyway, first I thought, o no, now you will be getting all these flashbacks just to fill up the season. But, I liked the episode. Seeing all the stories (well, not all of them). In general they are all 'good' guys. Except for one, and that is t-bag. He still is pure evil.

I just hope that this one of the few of those flashback episodes. And that the story continueus normally next time. And what is the story of terrence Steadman? Why did they need to do this? To cover up what?

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@Netto: When i saw t-bag at that woman's house i was he USED to be a nice guy; but NO, he was always a twisted freak yikes

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was a good epp, as much as i hate flash back epps that seem to just waste time. this one was still interesting. i still wanna know how there gonna break out.