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Well that didn't disappoint!


Well Breaking Bad finale was all I wanted it to be humour, suspense, sadness!! Wow and that may have been the most complete finale ever. Not really a spoiler I know but didn't want to give away the themes of the episode


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A very, very good finale. All came together to a satisfying end.



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Probably the most satisfying finale to a show that I've ever seen.
It was predictable...but I think that's actually good in a way for a finale...you expect to see all the loose ends tied up...and they did a fine job of that...though I'd have liked to have seen more of Jesse.

A satisfying end, indeed.



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Very well done, and that became more apparent as the episode went on. This will become the new benchmark for series finales. The BB crew paid attention to the criticism that hit Sopranos, Lost, BSG and others.


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I guess the brit influence and the new business model that's coming of age due to the interweb is finally paying off. Keeping a show neat and clean (storywise, characterwise, etc) is more important than dragging it for long season after long season. Netflix binge watchers and DVD/BD collectors - plus all of us who really enjoy our shows in a closer level - are the winners here. This is the way to go, Ive been saying this for YEARS and this show finally got all of it right. Right number of episodes per season, right number of seasons to tell the story right. No more need to get to a 100 episodes to be able to broaden your audience. GREAT. This is all for the better.

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It was truly wonderful. Well written and well acted.
They gave some hints to confirm why Walter was doing what he was doing in the episode in case someone forgot and then went to business keeping it interesting and on point.

I hope many other shows took notes.


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A pleasure to watch! Superb show from start to finish!


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That was just so f'ing brilliant end to the best show ever, nothing more to be said than that!!!!

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Started watching BB on Christmas Eve, finished now (for the 1st time)... man, it was a fine ride. smile



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Being a complete, coherent story from start to finish was another plus. Apparently it works as well binging as when seen over the original run.

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I just finsihed watching Breaking Bad for the first time and i'm so glad i gave this show a second chance after the pilot was alright but diden't hook me right away.

Since i had some time to burn during the holidays i gave it a second chance and just finished watching it.

i'm very impressed and it's one of my alltime favourite shows now.
Sometimes it's not a bad idea to revisit a show which you maybe diden't love right away, when you are maybe in a different mood, have more time or less other shows to watch.