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I'm watching One Tree Hill for the first time. So far, I'm bothered by the overexposure of "Brooke Davis". Any advise on whether or not to continue? The production photo on Netflix doesn't include any of the current characters so I don't understand what happens with Lucas and Peyton.

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The show stays great for about four seasons, goes downhill after that and two final seasons are painful to watch. Overall it's not as good as The OC, but the early seasons are more than watchable. smile

As for the characters, some have died, some have left the show, some have changed (Brooke from later seasons is almost nothing like Brooke from the first season smile).



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One tree hill was one of my favorite shows. 4 seasons are very good and then i have to agree with xrnz. But anyway i liked it overall so if u don't have anything else to watch and u like it give it a shot.

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