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How is nobody talking about this?

Loved this episode. I felt so bad about Hyule getting kidnapped by Hank's crew and flipping him with that single picture of Jesse with his brains blown out. Poor bastard thought everyone was against him.

That bit where Mr. White tries to pull a Heisenberg and uses Brock and Jesse's ex to flush him out. Hank just shoots that down and they out Heisenberg him with that fake money-barrel picture. Fucking brilliant.

That last bit with Hank, Gomey and Jesse at Walt's car. Walt with that little 5 shot .38 calling in the cavalry but then backing out. Walt surrenders, Hank gets an inch of a win, and the fucking truck rolls into view. EGHH

Let's not forget that scene where Jr. gets starstruck by a lawyer that has his face on a billboard. The only thing that would make that scene better is breakfast food.

3 more episodes. Can't wait!

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I didnt really like this episode that much. I had some problems with it. If it hadnt been for those problems i would have liked it cause it had some fun moments too.


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Breaking Bad has had lots of fun moments, but I think the series finale is going more for a high-tension OMFG vibe.


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Good and tense episode!

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