Topic: Season 7 to be its last

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Re: Season 7 to be its last

I wonder if they'll have the balls to keep



dead for the final season. I doubt it and I'm just curious, because either way I won't be watching this show again. smile



Re: Season 7 to be its last

There is no way he is dead lol, Pam will fly in and bury him in the snow or something.

Unless you see them actually explode into goo, they arent dead...especially main characters.


Re: Season 7 to be its last

Only reason he could be dead is that he diden't want to renew his contract but i doubt it and also then there would be atleast 1 more episode with him for a proper death celebration.

Maybe the actors wanna leave and that's why it's the last season as i thought it's still quite successful.



Re: Season 7 to be its last

I saw mentioned in an article with the writers that he will be there. At worst, he's dead and he'll be in flashbacks or something but, he'll be there.

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Pete : Well... you... you told me to investigate ok ? So... she's unarmed.


Re: Season 7 to be its last

Hopefully, Season 7 will not be a repeat of Season 6...Note to showrunner, producers and writers: eliminate filler content in the last season and leave us with a great finale...