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...that ending could have been a series finale...


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would've been better if they'd ended it 5 secs earlier...or a couple mins, when she looked over



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Yeah, wonder why they blew through a perfectly good episode cliffhanger, unless it's a setup for something even more dramatic (like Dex being offline in a coma for a while, allowing a real shitstorm to develop).


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Look like the final season is going to be pretty awsome smile

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When Debra saw Dexter and they talked about their father i thought she looked like she had decided to kill Dexter. I did not expect it to take place that fast. Either way very good acting to be able to make those feelings come across with just body movement and facial expression.

I guess they needed this to happen as part of Debras growth and her coming to terms with her need for Dexter. Sort of a confirmation of what Debra and Vogel talked about in the container of her making the same decision to save Dexter if she had the chance.