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Yep, just as I expected


Ben is Warlow



Eric turns Gov. Burnell's daughter into a vampire and sends her home to daddy



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Heh, this is the reason plots are being forced to get smarter and shows are being retired more carefully. The web makes it possible for more of the most attentive and perceptive fans to meet and share their thoughts. Bad shows get found out and widely criticized as a result. The writers respond, but not always successfully. Since several episodes are in the can when writers see this feedback, there is a delay in fixing things. Many shows have junior staffers (or contractors) who gather and organize all the web-based comments on a regular basis. In the case of True Blood there's also the books to worry about, although by now the TV version has deviated quite a lot from the plot lines used in the books.


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Of course you could guess it, even tho there were still things which made you doubt it at times.

But still i enjoy season 6 so far, except the last ep which was a bit anticlimatic regarding Macklyn.