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Best episode this season.

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Ranger wrote:

Best episode this season.

Got to agree was really good


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I agree. When they show focus on the story rather than relationship drama it's decent. Sadly this was only the second episode all season to do that. Elena wasn't just a play toy for the brothers which is what her character had been reduce to. They need to keep Stephan away from Elena, he's so much more interesting that way.

I'm kind of disappointed they killed Kol since in the last two episodes he surpassed the other two Originals currently on the show in terms of being even somewhat interesting. Rebecca wants to be a real girl storyline is dull and granted aside from this episode Klaus has been about as menacing as a bunny rabbit.

I really hope this is the show turning a corner and getting back to what it does best. Also Jeremy mentioned Kat big_smile...now show her already >.<