Topic: Please explain?

Why is this show always struggling with it’s ratings???
It has got to be the greatest thought out TV show for a long time.
If you are into comedy that you watch rather than get force fed formulaic punch lines, this is definitely for you.


Re: Please explain?

I think its hard for new viewers to get into it, you might be a little lost if you've never seen an episode before.


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so would you recommend watching it from the beginning then?


Re: Please explain?

Definately watch tihs show from episode one. 

that's probably the biggest problems with really great shows.   they are so good because there is so much built upon the early episodes.. the more you watch the more you want to watch more.

fox moving it around the tv schedule didn't help either.



Re: Please explain?

the show is so awesome but u really needed to have been there from the start. i have tried to get all my friends to watch this show but some of the stuff like michael always getting anne's name wrong and tobias with his confused sexual orientation is so hilarious to me but they just have blank expressions on their faces.


Re: Please explain?

yep, it was great while it lasted .. sad