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I liked the episode, but at the same time all the feedback from fans on other sites really takes the fun out of shows sometimes. People seem to be on one of two sides that the last scene was cheapened by her maybe being sired and the other half saying it was rape...so I feel on the outside when I just don't care about the last scene and that the rest of the episode I was more interested in.

The crazy fans is usually what turns me off from discussion posts which in turns makes me fall behind in shows until I can power threw episodes and bypass the hassle since temptation to find out whats going on while I'm current with a show is to high other wise.

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yeah i liked the Ep too and dont really care about the Love Triangle

and i can realate to you I stopped reading reviews etc completly
and i visit the forum only randomly because of it

but i dont fall behind on my favorite shows wink
I just keep watching the Eps for myself and make up my own decision about them wink


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For me unless the show has me hooked which out of the fifty I watch theirs maybe four. The only reason I stay up to date is so I can add to the discussion/aren't spoiled when I visit TV show news sites.


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okay sorry i dont understand you there
if i am not that interested in a show i dont stay up to date just to add something to a discussion and just stay away of the topics of those shows.
I have some shows i dont watch in the same week they are released too but i decide on my own when i watch them and dont force myself to stay up to date...
maybe i got u wrong there but that was just how I understood it....


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Nope that's what I meant.