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Topic: Last Ep *Possible Spoilers*

OMG!! This was quite possibly the saddest episode of tv ever!! I can't believe she's gone!
Next season is going to be AWESOME!!

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Re: Last Ep *Possible Spoilers*

I know! i NEVER thought watching House would make me cry, but what do you know.... Where do they go from here?! Can't wait for next season


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Re: Last Ep *Possible Spoilers*

It was the most amazing 2 episodes of house ever.  I'm surprised that they made me go from not liking Amber, to being really upset when she died.  Poor Wilson.

It looks like they might be bringing back the Cuddy and House thing though, so next season should be great!


Re: Last Ep *Possible Spoilers*

I know it's just make up but at the end with House and Amber on the "death" bus did Amber not look absolutely gorgeous?

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